Who we are

Nitrogen is a custom software development company registered under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) of Ghana and is currently based in Accra, Ghana. At Nitrogen, we build software to meet the customer's specifications. We do not only develop programs according to the customer's current needs but we collaborate with customers to arrive at designs that takes future needs of their company into perspective. Nitrogen believes in the role of technology in solving business needs of companies in Africa and is poised to design world class products that helps people and companies become more efficient and effective.

What we do

Custom Business Apps

We build web-based applications for businesses to put 'easy' in their most daunting business processes. We collaborate to digitize manual processes based on your internal controls.

Commercial Web Development

We specialize in building fully-fledged secured electronic-commercial websites and web portals with customizable admin panels

Banking Ware

We are experienced in banking applications development. Our current applications bouquet includes an integrated banking ware for microfinance companies.

  • Real time webapps

    Our apps are designed with the customer in mind. We do not impose or change your internal processes to suit our apps but our apps rather to suit your way. We ocasssionally provide suggestions on where you can improve with our vast expereince in systems development and practical knowledge of systems security.

    Our software can be deployed centrally and provide real time reponses and reports.

  • Real time collaboration

    Organizations with branches are provided with software capable of real time collaboration to ensure efficiency of work and accurate information.

  • Portfolio Item

    Process Apps

    Audit flow, Budgeting and Intranet Portals

    Portfolio Item

    Banking Apps

    Non-generic and customised fully fledged banking app for financial institutions at all levels

    Portfolio Item

    Commercial Apps

    Fully functional and secured e-commerce web app.

Meet the team

  • Team Member


    Kwabena is the CEO of Nitrogen. He is a specialist in databases and programming.

    Team Member


    Nelis is the CTO of Nitrogen. He is a specialist in web & mobile apps, database and programming.

    Team Member


    Albert is the CAO of Nitrogen. He is a specialist in networking and programming.

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    Aliu is the CFO of Nitrogen. He is a specialist in finance and accounting and MIS.

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